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Charis Grace Shive is 4 years 11 months. She is the youngest of 5 and has 3 sisters and 1 brother. She attends Pre-K at Iola Elementary and absolutely loves all of her friends. Music feeds her soul, peek-a-boo is her jam, and story books are her favorite. She stays very busy with school, therapies, and soaking up all the adoration of her family members, but in her free time she likes to watch Peppa Pig. Her love of food is continuing to expand and includes cheeseburgers (all-the-way), Mac and cheese, spaghetti, goldfish, and chocolate just to name a few. When Charis was very small it was determined that she was deaf in her right ear with a severe hearing loss in her left. She was also classified as legally blind. This information comes as a surprise to many who meet her as she is notorious for clearly repeating the fun things friends say with animation and joy. She is definitely the 'shine' in sunshine!!!