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Team Erdman

Ben/Wendy Erdman
Hi! We're Ben and Wendy Erdman. We've been married for eighteen years. We met a very long time ago at special Olympics basketball. Ben is retired from Texas A&M university. (WHOOP!) and Wendy has been working at Chick Fil A for about 26 years. We live in our own condo in Bryan. We are active in the Special Needs program at Central Baptist Church. Right now we are playing baseball with Pride Assist baseball team. We both love to dance and watch cool shows. Ben's favorite movie is Star Wars. Wendy's favorite movie is Mama Mia! We both pizza and George Strait. We enjoy going out with friends or just going on a Dairy Queen date by ourselves. We are both Global Messengers for Special Olympics, we talk about how we like the program and what it means to us. We also have been speakers at the National Down Syndrome Conference. We believe in inclusion and that's what we tell people.